Vaginal Rejuvenation with FemiLift

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You’re not alone. Millions of women suffer from vaginal irregularities or have a feminine health concern. Age, structural changes due to childbirth, and a variety of other reasons can be the cause.

Until recently, women had few options. It’s no surprise that many decided to suffer in silence, letting the issues decrease their self-confidence and strain marital relations. Fortunately, times have changed. 

FemiLift, from Alma Lasers, signals a new era in feminine health and well being, giving patients:

  1.  minimally invasive solution
  2. Using precision technology
  3. With maximum safety
  4. Minimal risk
  5. No post treatment downtime
  6. Excellent patient satisfaction

Cost of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation using FemiLift is a three treatment series, spaced out evenly over three months (every 30 days). MRC sells this treatment as a package. Call us today to get our latest package pricing.