PRP Micro-Needling with Vivace

MRC offers three services using Micro-Needling with Vivace.

TIER ONE:  Thorough Vivace treatment of the area identified by the consultation.
TIER TWO:  Adding the Vivace Experience with an application of a mask and growth factor serum to the treated area.
TIER THREE: The top tier treatment is our MRC PRP treatment combined with the Vivace Experience. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections give a boost to the healing process for wounds and soft tissue. We withdraw the patient’s blood and then process it, so only the enriched cells (PRP) remain. We then carefully inject the rich plasma back into the skin. Vampire Facials!
Areas we treat with Vivace
Face, neck and decollete areas are the most popular. We also treat scarring (tummy tuck scars, C-Section Scars, and other surgical scars). Combined with Micro-Needling, the injections can be an effective treatment for Hair Loss.
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Before and Afters

The results speak for themselves!

Before and After Vivace