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I have worked with Dr. DiStefano in the past, and can say that she is a wonderful Doctor. Dr. DiStefano has been giving me Botox injections over the past few years as well as Filler injections in my cheeks and lips. She has a warm and comfortable approach and I can't wait to visit her new office. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in Botox. Congrats on your new venture....

Cathy D

"Check this place out. She is Great !"     Wilson C .  (Facebook)

"Dr. Kelly was warm and comforting. I saw immediate results from the fillers that she used." Mary, Montclair

"I absolutely enjoyed my experience at MRC. Dr. Distefano is very highly skilled. I'm an RN so I watch everything! She uses sterile technique , hand washing and explains everything she is doing. I had the skin laser treatment and Dysport, I was amazed how I didn't feel a lot of pinching when she inserted the needle! The laser was so relaxing and I wish I can show my skin! I look so refreshed and only had 2 treatments thus far! Definitely going back!"    Jay Lopez, Cedar Grove